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British World English convert

Pronunciation /kənˈvəːt/

1 with object Change the form, character, or function of something.

change , turn, transform, metamorphose, transfigure, transmute, translate
adapt , turn, rework, recast, reshape, refashion, remodel, remould
change into , be able to be changed into, adapt to
change , turn
adapt , turn, rebuild, reconstruct, redevelop, remake, make over, refashion, redesign, restyle, revamp

2 no object Change one's religious faith or other belief.

proselytize , evangelize, bring to god, redeem, save, reform, re-educate, cause someone to change their beliefs, cause someone to change their mind, make someone see the light

3 with object Score from (a penalty kick, pass, or other opportunity) in a sport or game.

Pronunciation /ˈkɒnvəːt/

A person who has been persuaded to change their religious faith or other belief.

proselyte , neophyte, new believer


convert something to one's own use

Wrongfully make use of another's property.


Middle English (in the sense ‘turn round, send in a different direction’): from Old French convertir, based on Latin convertere ‘turn about’, from con- ‘altogether’ + vertere ‘turn’.



Verb /kənˈvəːt/


Noun /ˈkɒnvəːt/

Find out what it means

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Thishypothesis is aconservative approach, but I think it is best to err on the side of caution when dealing with antibacterial agents and the vulnerable terrain of our microbiome.

Robert Tisserand, author of Essential Oil Safety , wrote a post in which he states,

It would be useful to know more about particular oils, doses, routes of administration and their effect on the body’s microbiome. But in the meantime, it is rash to assume that essential oils negatively affect the balance of bowel flora, because there is no clinical evidence that this happens.

We do know that enterically-coated capsules of peppermint oil are beneficial in cases of drawstring fitted trousers White Misbhv Browse For Sale Y69Wm
and that these capsules result in a (substantial) peak serum concentration of Womens Debardeur Detail Broderie Tank Top LPB Woman Outlet Store Online Cost For Sale Buy Cheap Shopping Online Really Online Visit New Sale Online plDnuBgWiA
. We also know from this report that peppermint essential oil had a beneficial effect on the balance of gut bacteria in a case of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth).


Interestingly, thesestudies likely point to the fact that the oil acts like an antibiotic. SIBO is bacterial OVERgrowth in parts of the small intestine. A drug is considered to have “beneficial effect” on SIBO if it kills/reduces the excessive bacterial growth, which is why antibiotics – either conventional or herbal – is used to treat SIBO.

Interestingly, thesestudies likely point to the fact that the oil acts like an antibiotic.

We should also ask, why did the peppermint have a beneficial effect for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)? Here’s my theory: because it works as an antibiotic! As someone who has IBD, I can tell you that one of the conventional treatments for it is antibiotics. Just like probiotic therapy, antibiotic therapy helps IBD in many cases, since IBD results from imbalanced gut flora.

Where do you see advice to ingest essential oils? Is it from a licensed practitioner or someone selling oils who obtains their information directly from the oil company?

An individual selling essential oils in a multi-level marketing scheme does better research on the safety of the oils than a licensed aromatherapist not affiliated with an essential oil company. Said no one ever.

The advice discrepancy between those selling the popular brands of essential oils and practitioners should raise a red flag. The Alliance of International Aromatherapists gives this statement on the internal use of essential oils:

The Alliance of International Aromatherapists gives this statement on the internal use of essential oils:

AIA does not endorse internal therapeutic use (oral, vaginal or rectal) of essential oils unless recommended by a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate clinical level. An appropriate level of training must include chemistry, anatomy, diagnostics, physiology, formulation guidelines and safety issues regarding each specific internal route (oral, vaginal or rectal). Please refer to the AIA Safety Guidelines for essential oil use. ( Read more )

In the example above, the fact that mappings are evaluated in order of their definition is used to ensure that source/index.html.haml will match /source\/(.+?\.html).*/ instead of /source\/(.*)/ , and will result in a public path of index.html , instead of index.html.haml .

We now have a full development cycle, where our app is tested, built, deployed as a Review app, deployed to a staging server once the merge request is merged, and finally manually deployed to the production server. What we just described is a single workflow, but imagine tens of developers working on a project at the same time. They each push to their branches, and dynamic environments are created all the time. In that case, we probably need to do some clean up. Read next how environments can be stopped.

By stopping an environment, you are effectively terminating its recording of the deployments that happen in it.

A branch is associated with an environment when the CI pipeline that is created for this branch, was recently deployed to this environment. You can think of the CI pipeline as the glue between the branch and the environment: branch ➔ CI pipeline ➔ environment .

There is a special case where environments can be manually stopped. That can happen if you provide another job for that matter. The syntax is a little tricky since a job calls another job to do the job.

Consider the following example where the deploy_review calls the stop_review to clean up and stop the environment:

Setting the GIT_STRATEGY to none is necessary on the stop_review job so that the Derek Lam 10 Crosby Woman Broderie Anglaise Silkblend Crepe De Chine Top Ivory Size 6 Derek Lam Discount Footlocker Finishline Buy Cheap Visa Payment Discount Purchase Free Shipping Fashion Style KyTSco0L7X
won't try to checkout the code after the branch is deleted.

Note: Starting with GitLab 8.14, dynamic environments will be stopped automatically when their associated branch is deleted.

When you have an environment that has a stop action defined (typically when the environment describes a review app), GitLab will automatically trigger a stop action when the associated branch is deleted. The stop_review job must be in the same stage as the deploy_review one in order for the environment to automatically stop.

You can read more in the Sleeveless Asymmetrical Top Grey Derek Lam Sale Outlet Store lu4lE8NsKO

Really Cheap Online Cheap Sale Explore Karolina HighRise Crop Jean in Blue GRLFRND Sale Best Store To Get Best Seller Online sv7msqSEkU
in GitLab 8.14.

As we've seen in the Buy Cheap Wide Range Of painterly stripe loose fit shirt White CHRISTOPHER ESBER Enjoy Online Clearance Pick A Best 3VjuLCll
, you can prepend their name with a word, then followed by a / and finally the branch name which is automatically defined by the CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME variable.

In short, environments that are named like type/foo are presented under a group named type .

In our minimal example, we name the environments review/$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME where $CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME is the branch name:

The oceanic energy budget equation reads as

For the tropical Pacific (30°N–30°S), which is our main area of interest, we decompose area integrals of ∇· F O into transports across the three‐lateral boundaries of the basin (Gauss's theorem), namely, ITF heat transports (positive westward) and the sum of ocean heat transports across 30°N (OHT 30N , positive northward) and 30°S (OHT 30S , positive southward).

OHC fields are available as monthly averages, which are valid in the middle of the respective month. Hence, to obtain unbiased estimates of two‐yearly accumulated OHCT (i.e., two‐yearly OHC changes), which are used widely throughout the paper, we compute differences of two‐monthly averaged OHC. For example, OHCT accumulated from beginning of 1997 to the end of 1999 is computed from the difference of December 1998 to January 1999 and December 1996 to January 1997 averages of OHC. We decompose OHC and OHCT into an upper‐ocean [OHC(0–300m)] and deep ocean [OHC(300m−full_depth)] component, since the latter involves much larger uncertainties, especially prior to the Argo (a global array of currently about 3800 temperature and salinity profiling floats; Gould et al., 2004 ) period, when essentially no in situ measurements existed in the subtropical Pacific below 300m. This allows us to assign larger uncertainties to the deep ocean OHC, which is relevant for our method to close the energy budget (see below for details). The ocean energy budget for the tropical Pacific (30°N–30°S) then reads as follows:

Ocean heat transports and OHC (referenced to 0°C) are computed from ECMWF's Ocean ReAnalysis System 4 (ORAS4; Balmaseda et al., 2012 ) and 5 (ORAS5), each consisting of five ensemble members.

ORAS5 is ECMWF's most recent ocean reanalysis and has been developed based on Ocean ReAnalysis Pilot 5 (Tietsche et al., 2014 ; Zuo et al., 2015 ), using the same ocean and sea ice model and data assimilation method (see supporting information Text S2 [Good et al., 2013 ; Titchner Rayner, 2014 ] for details).

ORAS5 has a much higher resolution (1/4‐degree horizontal resolution and 75 vertical levels) than ORAS4 (1‐degree horizontal resolution and 42 vertical levels); hence, besides doubling the ensemble size, use of both reanalyses allows to demonstrate the robustness of the results across different model resolutions. Two additional OHC estimates come from a five‐ensemble‐member control run of ORAS5 where no subsurface information has been assimilated and from the entirely in situ based Hadley EN4.2 data (Good et al., 2013 ). Please note that the latter two OHC estimates are fully independent of each other.

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